The Key is Camouflage

When Nef heard that Neicha had gotten to show everyone her new PvP outfit, she wanted to show you hers as well and tell you a bit about the thought behind the outfit.


Items used for the outfit:
Head: Thane’s Tainted Greathelm
Shoulders: Deadly Gladiator’s Ornamented Spaulders (Paladin Only)
Back: Gilded Thorium Cloak
Chest: Icebound Bronze Cuirass
Shirt: Master Builder’s Shirt
Hands: Bogslayer Gauntlets
Belt: Waistguard of Living Iron
Legs: Legplates of the Violet Champion
Feet: Kneebreaker Boots
Weapon: Dirk’s Command (here with Jade Spirit enchant)
Shield: Hulking Shield





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10 Responses to The Key is Camouflage

  1. Navimie says:

    LOL! I hide as a warlock but it doesn’t work! I tried hiding our warlock as a healer but that didn’t work either :D

  2. Wonderful set! Perhaps you could cloak shield with a large 1-handed weapon that sheaths on your back? I always try to hide as a paladin, but it doesn’t save my neck. :p

  3. JD Kenada says:

    Love it!

    And yes, we healers may as well have a giant Elune Stone beaming down upon us.

  4. Anoukisse says:

    I’ve read this entry several times (since I keep coming back every so often and just scrolling through posts on your site). Every time, I get a laugh out of this, because it’s really true. PvP-Heal-tanks for the win! LOL

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