Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest – Miu’s Home Coming

This last Saturday JD Kenada announced the results of The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest. It was a tight race between Freyana and me. Click on the link above to have a look at her outfit as well, it’s a great mog!

With the contest over and done it is now time for the comic featuring my outfit in the finals. The one wearing the outfit in question is Miu, who was first introduced in this post. So, let us take a look at the story behind the outfit.


Here’s a list of the items used for the outfit:
Shoulder: Epaulets of the Fateful Accord
Chest: Jinxed Hoodoo Skin
Wrist: Dusky Bracers
Hands: Embossed Leather Gloves
Belt: Serene Yellow Belt
Legs: Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt
Boots: Darkbrand Boots
Staff: Aspirant’s Staff of Harmony


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12 Responses to Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest – Miu’s Home Coming

  1. Navimie says:

    Awesome and grats Zazzy!

  2. JD Kenada says:

    Love it. Great story for an “award-winning” outfit!

    Thanks again for taking part in the contest Zazzy.

  3. Grats again! That’s a really cute story, and a super fly outfit :D

  4. Sarriss says:

    **Leaves paw prints all over Zazzy’s blog**

    Great story hun, and I love the 2nd last pane, you can just FEEL the relief flowing off her :D

    Me likes much!

  5. This outfit is just so gorgeous — and what a cute story to go with it! Bravo all around! :D

  6. Cymre says:

    LOL, loved the Dirty Dancing reference. What a great outfit too :)

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