A Proper Plate Outfit

Yesterday I posted the following post on my my other blog: Dress for Success: Protect Your Vital Organs. In a comment Navimie said that she thought it was a topic well suited for this blog as well due to the information beeing practical for transmos. So here’s a transmog inspired by that post and Navimie’s comment to it.

The theme is quite simple. A proper plate outfit that would give you protection in a real fight. Due to this I also decided to go for a more realistic weapon. Zazzy did however have to put some effort in to find a willing model for this project.

All items but the belt is usable by at level 44-50. So if you change the belt the mog could be nice for a leveling plate user.

The items used for the outfit:
Shoulder: Lofty Shoulder Pads
Chest: Overlord’s Chestplate
Shirt: Bright Yellow Shirt (shows between the sleeve of the chest and the gloves.)
Gloves: Stonegrip Gauntlets
Belt: Dreadmaul Girdle
Legs: Overlord’s Legplates
Boots: Overlord’s Greaves
Weapon: Truesilver Champion

If you want a helemt to go with this outfit I’d recomend the Helm of the Holy Avenger.

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9 Responses to A Proper Plate Outfit

  1. fatfurrytank says:

    I’m so lazy with transmogs!! I find something cool and I keep it, but I don’t actively search them out. I really should, pretty sure my panda would look hilarious in some of the older stuff. Or stupid… >.>

    • Lorelei says:

      My friends tell me I have way to much fun with transmogs. I guess that’s why I keep doing so many. :D

      And yeah, pandas can be tricky. But there’s ways to make them look awesome too. :)

  2. The Overlord’s set is perhaps the best truly practical plate set out there, though it somehow always makes me think of a stormtrooper. :P I’m not too keen on the shoulders that come with the set, and I really like your suggestion here of using the Lofty ones instead. I’ll have to add them to my shopping list as I’m slowly collecting the set for my baby Warrior tank. :)

  3. Navimie says:

    I do like the Overlords set. It looks good on all classes too IMO.

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