The Gates of Hell Require Special Legwear

Before I get in to the topic of today’s post I would like to do a little historical detour. In the 13th century (that would be the 1200’s) a new type of  surcoat for women was becoming fashionable in Europe. What made this model special was that the armholes were exaggerated. Over time they grew more and more exaggerated and what once was an arm hole went down past the hip in some cases. Even though there was a perfectly respectable dress under this surcoat it was at the time judged as alluring and sensual clothing. Thus these dresses (or rather the great big holes in them) required the name “the gates of hell”.

So, let us jump back to modern times and take a look at what has become of “the gates of hell” in world of warcraft. This type of surcoat is used for cloth and leather robes in WoW. This post focuses on the cloth robes and what sort of legwear you can use to get the full effect of the holes in the side.

TGTHLW_01The legwearr featured above are the following (click on the links for lists of legweare in the same models but other clors):
Cournith Waterstrider’s Silken Finery
Ghostweave Pants
Black Mageweave Leggings (Elegant Leggings)

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