Gaming in Style, 2012 in review

World of Warcraft is the computer game I’ve played for the longest, soon it’s my 8 year anniversary as a WoW player. During most of this time I’ve played about 1-2 computer games at the side. As I was looking through the screenies from this year in World of Warcraft I noticed there was quite few of them and it seemed I hadn’t done all too much. I soon realized that this was due to the fact that I’ve played a lot more games on the side this year, 6 games to be more exact. So in this post I’d like to write a little something about some of these games and the style options you have in them. I’ll leave Sims out if it, somehow it doesn’t seem fair to compare the options you have there to these other games.

First out we have Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). There are two style related functions that I love in this game. First of there is the “custom gear”. Gear of this type doesn’t have any stats on its own but rather gets stats from modifications you put it in. So if you for example get a chest piece of this type that you like at lvl 20 you can keep that while leveling all the way to lvl 50.
SWTOR_UnifyColor_UI3Second style function I like in SWTOR is a little button called “Unify colors”. When you hit it the color of your gear will change to match your chest piece.

If you want to change just one item you can click the little check box next to it in your appearance customization UI. The same goes for when you want to change back to the original coloring of an item, just un-check the little check box.

The button and boxes are marked with pink arrows in the pic above.
When I first noticed the above mentioned color function I loved it straight off, but then came Diablo III and I was further spoiled. In Diablo III you can buy colors and then use them to change your gear. They do cost a bit but they are a lot of fun if you like that sort of thing. As you progress through the game more and more colors will be unlocked. There are achievements for dying your gear and one of my favorites, which I yet haven’t finished: kill all the bosses in the game wearing fully pink gear! ^.^
But just as I thought it couldn’t get any better Guild Wars 2 (GW2) came along. There are three style functions that I utterly love in GW2. The first one you get introduced to while making your character, you get to choose the color of your gear. At first glance this wasn’t all to impressive due to the colors. But then as I realized you could change them whenever you wanted without any cost and that you could quite easily get more and nicer looking colors I was hooked. Compared to both SWTOR and Diablo it kidnda knocked the ball out of the ballpark.

GW2_ColorInGameThen I noticed the second functions, something I had wished for in WoW for years: you can remove shoulder graphics! There are so many outfits out there that would look so much better without shoulders.

GW2_TransmutationStoneAnd finally I noticed the transmutation stones, which are kinda like transmogs in WoW. There are a few upsides of these compared to WoW, but also one downside:

+ You can use them where ever you are, so if you want to transmute graphics just when you get an item you can. You don’t have to travel to a capital city to do so.

+ There is no requirement for the gear you transmute to have stats on it, i.e. you could use the graphics of your start gear forever if you want to (as I plan to do with my necromancer’s headgear).

+ The two items you use merge together. The graphics of one item and the stats of another is used to basically create a new item, so you do save some space. I guess this could potentially be a down side if you regret your transmutation and want the graphics of the old item back.

– The cost. If you’re lucky you get some transformation stones along the way when leveling, but if you want to buy them they cost gems. And having to pay with gems is, as far as I’m concerned, a bit tougher than paying with in-game money. So if you use the often it could get expensive.
I think the thing I love most about gear in GW2 is the correlation between color changes and transmutation. As I can freely change color on my gear I don’t have as big a need to transform the graphics of the gear to be happy with my outfit.

So, as far as gear goes in the games I play at the moment I’d have to say I like the functions in GW2 the best. But WoW is still my favourite MMO and I’m guessing I’ll be playing it for years to come.


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