An Outfit Fit For a King

A while back a guildy of mine said he wanted a bright red plate transmog to go with his King’s Defender. He also mentioned how it was hard to find red plate gear. I started to look for a full red plate set and yes he did have a point, some pieces are hard to find in red.

Before I had figured out a full transmog the guildy in question had taken a break from WoW so the ideas I had didn’t get put to use. Now however with x-mas just around the corner I though it might be a nice idea to make a short post with what I came up with, for all other plate users out there with a longing for red gear.

So, here’s my red plate outfit modeled by Nef:

The pieces of the outfit:
Shoulder: Ragesteel Shoulders
Chest: Ursa’s Embrace or Ragesteel Breastplate if you want a deeper red tone.
Gloves: Oath-Bound Gauntlets
Waist: Thorium Belt
Legs: Lavacrest Leggings
Boots: Khorium Boots / Hyperion Greaves

Nef_KingsDefender01Fun fact on the side:
Nef used to have the King’s Defender  back in TBC but had to vendor it long ago due to lack of bank space. I might have to get her a new one.

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3 Responses to An Outfit Fit For a King

  1. Legolene says:

    Oooh – I love this look – my draenei mage always looks good in red :)

  2. Legolene says:

    Although *facepalm* – she wears cloth…boo!

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