The Druid(s) in Red

~~This is my 30th post here on Zazzy Mogs, time sure flies when you’re having fun!~~

Both Indil and Tiny are mainly dressed in pieces from the Dragonhide Battlegear, a druid level 70 set.  The set has 5 parts: head, shoulders, robe, leggings and gloves. This is a transmog set you can get quite easily while still lvling. Most of the other items used for this post however require a higher lvl.

Tiny is wearing:
Head: Conqueror’s Nightsong Headpiece
Shoulders: Kodohide Spaulders
Chest: Dragonhide Robe
Hands: Wyrmhide Gloves
Waist: Vicious Leather Belt
Weapon: Gutgore Ripper

Indil is wearind:
Shoulders: Kodohide Spaulders
Chest: Whale-skin vest (same graphics as the top half of Dragonhide Robe)
Hands: Wyrmhide Gloves
Waist: Vicious Leather Belt
Leggs: Khodohide Legguards
Weapon: Polished Staff (used for the pics belove)

A very merry winter veil to all druids out there!

Ps. Zazzy says to show appreciation to all the ppl you care about this time of year, and to invite the shammys in your life to posible dinner parties…


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