Winter Veil is Coming, Are You Prepared?

Zazzy and her friends have already started to prepare for Winter Veil so there will be a few winter veil posts in the weeks to come. Let’s see what Zazzy has been up to.


The hat Zazzy has is the Red Winter Hat, both this one and the Green Winter Hat are items that drop and are binds when picked up. For more info on where the hats drop:
Red Winter Hat
Green Winter Hat

Red_WintergarbThere are also red and green winter clothes that are crafted by tailors and winter boots that are crafted by leather workers. The night elf to the left is wearing the red clothes and boots. I tried to get Zazzy in to the outfit but she kept insisting it would be too cold for winterspring. For more info on the reagents needed to craft these items take a look here:
Red Winter Clothes
Green Winter Clothes
Winter Boots

All these 5 items are part of the Winter Garb set, if you equip 3 of them at the same time you will recieve an aura effect that tells you that you have the full winter garb.  It is however a dummy aura and thus lacks any real effect.

What are you wearing for the winter veil celebrations; will you go for the winter garb or make an outfit of your own like Zazzy?

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