The Wildthorn Trickster

I’m not sure why, but I really do like some of the feathered items in WoW. Far from all, but some. The Wildthorn Mail chest piece and the Infernal Trickster Leggings are two of the ones I like. So it’s no big surprise that I’ve made an outfit with the two of them together, right?

ThatsWhatFriendsAreFor_OutfitItems used for the outfit:
Shoulders: Spaulders of the Savage Beast
Chest: Wildthorn Mail
Wrist: Saurok bracers (hidden under the gloves)
Hands: Tsunami Gloves
Belt: Knight’s Girdle
Legs: Infernal Trickster Leggings
Boots: Boots of the Perilous Seas *
Weapon: Shockwave Truncheon
Shield: Spiritguard Shield

*It seems a lot of ppl like the idea of Icy Scale Boots to these pants, but I wanted boots that look soft. If it wasn’t for the shoulders this look seems more of a leather look than a mail one.

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The Springrain Staff

In the last Wordless Wednesday post you could see parts of this transmog. So I thought it fitting to make a post for the full transmog. This outfit came to be when I stumbled across the Springrain staff, from the druid boost to 90/salvage gear. It instantly became a new favorite weapon of mine, so of course I had to make a transmog to go with it.

A screenie really does not do the staff full justice since the flowers move slightly. But you get the gist of it. If you are curious about the movement of it, you can look it up in the model viewer on Wowhead. Just click the “view in 3D” button on the item’s page on Wowhead. (As usual you can click on the img below to see a bigger version.)


Here’s a list of the items used for the outfit:
Shoulder: Furious Gladiator’s Dragonhide Spaulders (druid only)
Cloak: Nimble Burnished Cloak (stage 1/4)
Chest: Shadowbinder Chestguard
Bracers: Glowing Wing Bracers
Hands: Dark Leather Gloves
Belt: Belt of Hidden Keys
Legs:  Furious Gladiator’s Dragonhide Legguards (druid only)
Boots: Rooftop Griptoes
Weapon: Springrain Staff (druid only) – Illusion: Hidden

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Sunsoul With a Twist

There are some great looking items to find in the sets you get when you boost up to level 90. Fortunately you can also get them through the rank 3 salvage yard. This transmog is based on the paladin boost/salvage gear, Sunsoul Battleplate. It is one of my favorite transmogs so far this expansion.

I used to have it with the Lifestealing enchant illusion (love the new illusions). However, last time I got a new weapon I didn’t have an enchanting hut at hand, so I’ve stuck with the Mark of the Shadowmoon glow for a while now and it’s growing on me. But for the sake of this post, my paladin is going to some extreme measures…

Sunsoul01_01Two hours later…

Sunsoul02Sunsoul03Here’s a list of the items used for the outfit:
Shoulder: Justicar Pauldrons (paladin only)
Chest: Sunsoul Breastplate (paladin only)
Hands: Reiver Gauntlets (seems to no longer drop)
Belt: Sunsoul Belt (paladin only)
Legs: Sunsoul Legplates (paladin only)
Boots: Sunsoul Boots (paladin only)
Weapon: Fighter BroadswordIllusion: Lifestealing
Shield: Hyperion Shield
2H option: Truesilver ChampionIllusion: Lifestealing

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Wordless Wednesday – 043


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Transmogging is more fun with friends!

It’s probably no surprise that I love to talk about transmogs. I have a few guildies who like mogs as well, and one who is as equally enthusiastic about it as I am. So there’s been quite a bit of transmog talk in the guild. I think the sheer amount of it might have converted one of our guildies. He usually never transmogs and tends to see a non-transmogged outfit as a fashion statement in itself  but now he has started to farm for transmogs.

A while back my guildie who loves mogs as much as I do made an outfit based on items that I already had, so just for the fun of it I made a matching mog. I didn’t really plan to have it for a long time…that was about 3 weeks ago.

Also, he tends to use his Orb of the Sin’dorei a lot. When he does we match even more.

First we had the same shield. But from the start he had planned to use the Barricade of Eternity if he could get a hold of it. Last week the RNG was with him and it finally dropped. It really goes great with the rest of the mog. I’m not sure if I’m going to farm for the shield or not; it could take quite a while to get it…

We do however look great side by side in raids. So it might be worth the time.

MoreFunWithFriends01The armor set we are using is the Reinforced Sapphirium Battlearmor, with a few tweaks here and there. I have also used it in a previous post.

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The Amber Priest

It’s been about 7 months since I last posted. During my time away from the blog I’ve been gaming just as usual, or maybe even a bit more. Since the expansion I’ve made a few new transmogs and I though I might share some of them here on the blog.

Here is my lates one. I just got the robe from my highmaul cache and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to use it for a mog.

AmberPriestUnfortunately the boots and gloves are only available to horde priests, but they can easily be replaced by similar items. The staff is also a horde PvP item, but not exclusive to priests.

Here’s a list of the items used for the outfit:
Shoulder: Slaughterhouse Spaulders – Heroic Version
Chest: Robes of the Arcane Ultimatum – Heroic Version
Hands: Primal Combatant’s Satin Gloves – PvP Horde Item
Belt: Belt of the Broken Pact
Boots: Primal Combatant’s Treads of Prowess – PvP Horde Item
Staff: Primal Gladiator’s Energy Staff  – PvP Horde Item

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The Elegant Spellcaster

It has been quiet here for a while. I haven’t played much WoW over the summer. But this last month I have been leveling a few alts at a high populated server, and there are so many nice transmog items to get on the AH. I just couldn’t help myself when I found the Elegant Robes at a nice price.  I also managed to get my hands on a Magistrate’s Belt.

So without further ado, here is my little priest’s new shiny transmog:


All items can be used before level 60, so the post is marked “Look nice while leveling”.

Here’s a list of the items used for the outfit:
Shoulder: Magician’s Mantle (level 20)
Back: Ornate Cloak (level 48)
Chest: Elegant Robe (level 57)
Hands: Pagan Mits (level 18)
Belt: Magister’s Belt / Replica Magister’s Belt (level 53)
Boots: Harvester Boots (A) / Watched Watcher’s Slippers (H) (level 10 quest)
Staff: Staff of First Occurrences (Alliance only) (level 29 quest) + Windsong Enchant

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